Monday, May 15, 2017

Well look at this.....

Benji here.

Michelle will be updating the family part soon but I wanted to reach out to all that look at this and give an update on my life.

Boise School District Announces
Administrative Appointments
Boise, ID -- (05/15/2017) -- Boise School District is pleased to announce the following administrative appointments, effective beginning the 2017-18 school year. 

Benjamin Simmonds - District Music and Art Supervisor

Benjamin Simmonds has served public school students since 2002.  He began his career as a 4th and 5th Grade Music Specialist in the San Francisco Unified School District (2002-04), then worked as a Music Teacher in the Nampa School District (Central and Lincoln Elementary Schools - 2004-06) before moving to the Boise School District, where he has taught music to secondary students at Capital High School (Director of Choirs, AP Theory Instructor and Guitar Instructor - 2006 - 2015) and currently serves as Assistant Principal at Boise High School (2015 -present).

Mr. Simmonds is a committed and admired educator whose background includes working with a wide range of secondary students in different academic environments.  His focus is on providing each student with the opportunities to succeed both in school and in life.  Mr. Simmonds is a strong communicator and has a solid record in working with parents, students, colleagues and school community members in establishing a positive school culture of success.

Mr. Simmonds earned his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music Vocal Performance from Linfield College, a Bachelor of Music Degree in K-12 Education with emphasis in Choral Music from Boise State University and Master of Arts Degree in Educational Leadership from the University of Idaho.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Addie in February

She LOVES chocolate milk (Shocklit milk), Craisins, oranges, and Cheer-e-oos (cheerios).
 She does not like the car wash too much. This day her big sister made her feel safe in the back seat. 
 She LOVES the pantry and everything in fact we can not keep her out! 
 This girl does not take NO for an answer.  Annoyance now, a great attribute later in life! 
 She is quite proud of herself when she brings a chair all the way from the office to the kitchen to get just what she wants. Generally chocolate chips.
 Addie loves her  baby dolls! 
She does NOT like thunder!  We had a little storm pass through with one loud clap of thunder.  The pictures tell it all....

February and Ella

 Ella has been dancing like crazy and loving it.  
She takes three hours of classes a week (100% her idea and push). 
She is very helpful and a great big sister.

She caught a little flu bug which slowed her down for a little over a week and this is how she entertained herself....

Cooper's Field Trip

To the Discovery Center

It is so nice that my (Benji) job allows me to easily head over to all of the downtown Boise field trips. I was assigned Cooper and his friend Tyson. And that was plenty. 
HS kids are so much easier to deal with and to keep focused.

You can see I had my hands full!

I however was not happy about this name tag

Cooper loved the bed of nails!

Coopers class in front of "Sue". That is the name of the T-Rex. It is named after the person who found the bones...her name was Sue.

What a fun time I had with Coop!

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Wrapping Up January

 Ella did this at Lily's birthday party!

 Cooper (and Addie most of the time), loves it when Ella reads to them.  They play school or library and I love it! My teacher heart melts! No better view while I make dinner.  

 Ella learned how to play Rummy Cube.  It is so much fun playing "big kid" games with her.
 You can't see but this one loves to sit on the potty! We are getting close to NO MORE Diapers . 
 We will not be sad to see all of this ice go away.  Kids have not had recess most of January because the playground is too dangerous, at both Snake River (Moms school) and Hunter (Kids school).  It makes for a very long day! This is a picture of Snake River's parking lot, it is a sheet of ice!

 This girl loves Minnie Mouse! Every mouse is Minnie Mouse.  On this morning she woke up requesting to wear Minnie Mouse shoes to school.  Oh the broken heart when the answer was no.
 This kid had become more and more into Pokemon and he love the time he spends with his dad going on Poke hunts! 

 Addie loves her "baby dolls!" 

 Ella loves her art supplies and...
what is not to like about this picture!