Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Zoo Night

Another fun night at the zoo brought to you buy Kid's Choice. 


 I don't have many pictures with Cooper because he would not stand still.
He was way too social with all of his friends.  

Summer Camp....kind of

Well, August 14th came. The day the kids went back to Kid's Choice for summer camp and mom headed back to work. Lucky for us Ella and Coop's first adventure was to the Roller Drome, right down the street from Snake River.   

 It was so much fun to be able to stop by and watch these two skate.  It was a pretty funny sight to see! I am also a little thankful Kid's Choice takes them to places like this so we don't have to.  There! It is out there, I said it! The best part about the Roller Drome was I was just their for 10 minutes!

Furniture shopping with this guy is a very relaxing experience. We snuck in a quick trip to RC Willey to buy a refrigerator. And yes we bought this couch too.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Soaking It Up!

Soaking up the sun and all of the family time we can find before back to school and moving consumes our lives for awhile. 

 We went for a short hike to Jumps Creek for a cold, quick swim. 

 I love it when they decide to humor me with a picture together.  They are all even looking at the camera....at the same time! It is a gift they give to me...every once in a while.

 Cooper just wanted to climb and Ella just wanted to swim.  The water was cold! 

Dad was kind enough to take one for the team.

 I love the days that we can just put all the crazy aside and just enjoy nature and each other.  

Too cute!