Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Ice Skating

 The last Saturday of Christmas break we met the Wood Family for a little skating and lunch.  

 Addie did not get on the ice, but she had a great time on the playground right next to the rink. 

 This one is a handful lately! 

A Box For the Win!

 This box arrived while we were taking down Christmas and it was hours and days of entertainment and fun!  I love that a box can still be exciting and used for endless imagination. 

Lost in the Move!

These were found last night as the best husband in the whole wide world updated my phone.  Apparently this is something one should do frequently, not once every 3 years. I have NEVER...who knew! Well, I know now as a was politely told and made fun of.  These picture never made it to the cloud, which means they never made it the the blog.  

 It was so sad and emotionally exhausting saying goodbye to this home, these pictures have to be documented.  These pictures are after everything was out of the Coachman house and it was all clean, the kids said goodbye.  

 We loved this house and the memories it gave us! It will always and forever have a special place in our heart! 

 While we were moving out of Coachman this is what our new home liked like.  Hard to believe we moved in a few days later.

 We were homeless for a few days and these pictures are from the little down time we had between packing up and unpacking.

My childhood best friend Sarah, and family were driving through town in the middle of our crazy (the calm in the middle of crazy) and we were so thankful they could stop by for a swim and visit.   Sarah did her best to give me a pep talk and reassure me we were making the right choice, though it was way too late to ever look back. 

 It is always fun to watch our kids play together, they are so close in age.  They always have a great time together and we always agree we need to get together more than a few hours once a year!

Update: Our new house is feeling like our home and boxes are all unpacked, cars are in the garage and memories have been made.  We are thankful we get to call this home!