Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Addie in February

She LOVES chocolate milk (Shocklit milk), Craisins, oranges, and Cheer-e-oos (cheerios).
 She does not like the car wash too much. This day her big sister made her feel safe in the back seat. 
 She LOVES the pantry and everything in fact we can not keep her out! 
 This girl does not take NO for an answer.  Annoyance now, a great attribute later in life! 
 She is quite proud of herself when she brings a chair all the way from the office to the kitchen to get just what she wants. Generally chocolate chips.
 Addie loves her  baby dolls! 
She does NOT like thunder!  We had a little storm pass through with one loud clap of thunder.  The pictures tell it all....

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