Sunday, February 26, 2017

Wrapping Up January

 Ella did this at Lily's birthday party!

 Cooper (and Addie most of the time), loves it when Ella reads to them.  They play school or library and I love it! My teacher heart melts! No better view while I make dinner.  

 Ella learned how to play Rummy Cube.  It is so much fun playing "big kid" games with her.
 You can't see but this one loves to sit on the potty! We are getting close to NO MORE Diapers . 
 We will not be sad to see all of this ice go away.  Kids have not had recess most of January because the playground is too dangerous, at both Snake River (Moms school) and Hunter (Kids school).  It makes for a very long day! This is a picture of Snake River's parking lot, it is a sheet of ice!

 This girl loves Minnie Mouse! Every mouse is Minnie Mouse.  On this morning she woke up requesting to wear Minnie Mouse shoes to school.  Oh the broken heart when the answer was no.
 This kid had become more and more into Pokemon and he love the time he spends with his dad going on Poke hunts! 

 Addie loves her "baby dolls!" 

 Ella loves her art supplies and...
what is not to like about this picture! 

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